Frequently Asked Questions

- What kind of wax do you use? 

Our melts are created using soy wax, a vegan and pet friendly product. This wax is specifically engineered to cool quickly keeping you, your pets, and your little ones safe from burns.

- What is the typical length of shipping? 

Once an order has been placed, will arrive at your door with seven to ten business days.

- Are these melts pet friendly?

Absolutely! Our founders are the proud owners of three rambunctious dogs who have been safe from burns or harm.

- What warmer do you recommend? 

Each of our melts was tested using an electric warmer (25 watt bulb). As such, we recommend electric warmers to get the longest use out of your long-lasting Quality Scents melts.

- What is the policy on returns?

We do not except returns but if there is a problem with your item, please contact us at and let us try to address the issue.

-How do you come up with your throw grades?

Our throw grades are given to us by the the lovely blog Scented Wax Reviews (visit her at Being honest with our customers is important to us and having a third party review our melts has helped us achieve that honesty.